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Capsule Wardrobe: Start Here

Welcome to How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe!

In this program, you will discover your unique personal style, design and create your capsule color palette and create an efficient mix-and-match capsule wardrobe that is perfect for you.

Get started with Module 1. Take your time. Complete your assignments. Enjoy the process.

It takes about 3 months to complete the course. Many of our members choose to go through the course a second time to create a different wardrobe. The first time through, many choose their main wardrobe to build, like their work wardrobe or weekend wardrobe. Once that's underway, it's fun to go back through the course again, to either refine your skills or to create another wardrobe... say for a trip, a different season or different lifestyle scenario.

You will get out of this program what you put into it.

If you have questions, please email our support desk.


Jen Thoden