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Color Analysis Quiz – Soft

You are SOFT

The next step of your self color analysis process is on its way.

Check your email for the subject line "[Quiz - Step 2]..."

To make your self color analysis easier, you may want to check out my online color wheel tool!

Watch this video below that shows you how it can help you figure out your color type...

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Here's a couple more things you should know when you join the Color Style Club...

  1. You get access to the private Facebook group where you can share your images and get feedback from the group as to what color type you might be. I am also known to pop into the Facebook group about once a week to offer my feedback.
  2. You can submit your photo to me to be included in a #ColorStyleMe video. This is where I include photos from Style Club members and offer my professional opinion as to what color type you might be. It's just a taste of a full online color analysis.

I really think you're going to love being a member. Join today!