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Done-For-Your Color Palette Instructions

Thank you so much for trusting me with your color palette!

Please send me a headshot and a close up of your eye in bright natural light, preferably outside in overcast. Overcast because bright shiny sunlight can cast harsh shadows on your face and may make you look warmer than you are. Most importantly, try to avoid shadows on your face.

Facing a bright window is also an excellent way to get good lighting in your photo.

Wear a white or black shirt, if possible.

Stand in front of a white wall or door, if possible.

Smile with a relaxed closed mouth. 🙂

Make sure your images aren't too small in size. Remember, I need to see your face, eyes and hair in as much detail as possible.

What colors do you love to wear? Do you have any photos wearing your favorite colors? I'd like to see these too.

Email all photos to my support team.

What is your color type or season?

What is your favorite color?

What mood are you trying to convey?

What season or weather are we designing for?

I look forward to your responses and your photos!

Thank you

Jen Thoden