How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule

Learn How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule

YES! You CAN Pack LESS and
Have MORE Stylish Options!

From the desk of Jen Thoden, June 18, 2017

A few years ago, my best friend and I took a trip to Italy to celebrate our 40th birthdays. It was amazing. We stayed in Rome for about 3 days and then in Florence for 3 days.

We traveled from Rome to Florence by train. Here's why this story is relevant... we were each hauling around large, over-stuffed and HEAVY suitcases. PLUS an additional carry on bag. When we got on the train... which was an interesting challenge given the weight of our bags... we couldn't lift the bags into the overhead compartment.

We had to tip the solicitors a ridiculous fee to help us get our bags into the compartment. It sucked.

My best friend ended up buying another suit case to bring all the stuff she purchased home with her. So, she ended up paying an additional bag fee on the plane PLUS another fee because her first bag weighed over 50 pounds.

Oh yeah. We were THOSE tourists. And the irony of this... I maybe wore HALF of what I packed. Maybe.

I had packed so many just-in-case items... like 4 pairs of jeans because what if I slip in the mud, rip a pair and spill wine on the third? I packed 4 or 5 pairs of shoes. I wore 1 pair the entire time.

As of writing this letter, I am getting ready to go on another trip to Italy with my family this summer... and I refuse to haul around a 50 pound suitcase. This time, the trip is on a cruise, which means even less space for clothes and shoes.

So, I was inspired to create this course... because I can't possibly be the only one that wants to know how to pack with LESS and still have lots of options to look and feel stylish on a trip. Right?

How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule

"How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule" is a 6-Module video course that walks you through step-by-step how to create a capsule wardrobe that easily mixes and matches, is effortlessly stylish and fits easily into your suitcase.

Watch the intro video of this course...

Hi Jen,

I just watched this video. You make each of your videos so realistic and down to earth and absolutely workable!  The way you apply context through your own experiences makes it so 'connectable' with whomever is viewing. So really, really well done. Easy to follow, easy to understand, easy to visualize........just wonderful! You have a true gift in connecting with your audience, visually, in the spoken, and written word. Amazing.


What does "How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule" include?

  • 6 Modules designed to break down the process of choosing the BEST clothes for your trip so that you end up with a small collection of clothes that mix-and-match easily into dozens of possible outfits.
  • How to strategically use your neutrals to stretch your module even further.
  • Downloadable PDF's for each video module so that you have a printable reference as you go through your packing journey.

Wanna know what I think is the best part of this course? You don't have to use it for travel. Use this course to create multiple capsule wardrobes and create a kick-ass, stylish, easy, mix-and-match wardrobe for your lifestyle. Awesome.

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I hope you find this course as helpful as it was for me to create. Joe (my fiancee) and I are following this course to the letter when we pack for this cruise... because he is a chronic over-packer too. PLUS he stresses over not having the right items or outfits... thus the over-packing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to my support team at


Jen Thoden