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Select Your Color Type

This is the section where you can see all of your colors for easy reference. You'll discover your color palette, your neutrals, a hair color guide, your lipstick colors and more.

To get started, select your color type from the big blue button above that says "Select Your Color Type". Don't worry, you can always change it, if you decide you prefer a different color type.

Not sure what your color type is?

There are several ways you can learn your color type:

  1. [FREE] Take the online color analysis quiz
  2. [FREE] Download my free e-book "What Colors Look Good On Me?" - you'll find this under Style Guides
  3. Access your DIY Color Analysis tools
  4. [$50 Off] Sign up for a Professional Online Color Analysis. Within 3-5 business days, you'll know your colors and you can finally stop guessing. PLUS, you get your color fan for FREE shipped to you anywhere in the world! If you're already a Style Club member, you will be able to sign up at $50 off.

Analyzed as a season?

Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I’ve listed below what color type you will LIKELY be in the Your Color Style™ system based on your current season. I hope this helps.

You are BRIGHT and WARM if your season is:

  • Light Spring (aka Tinted)
  • Clear Spring (aka Pure)
  • Warm Spring (aka Shaded)
  • Warm Autumn (aka Pure)
  • Deep Autumn (aka Shaded)

You are BRIGHT and COOL if your season is:

  • Light Summer (aka Tinted)
  • Cool Summer (aka Pure)
  • Clear Winter (aka Pure)
  • Cool Winter (aka Tinted)
  • Deep Winter (aka Shaded)

You are SOFT and WARM if your season is:

  • Soft Autumn (aka Tinted or Toned)
  • Soft Spring (aka Toned)

You are SOFT and COOL if your season is:

  • Soft Summer (aka Toned or Shaded)
  • Soft Winter (aka Toned)

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If you have questions, please email our support desk.


Jen Thoden