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I just want to give a quick plug for Jen's Signature Club! It's already paid off for me and I've only just begun. I didn't think I needed it, but I'm finding out that I did! Also, it's one thing to get your best colors--it's another thing to dress. So, if you've been waffling about joining the Signature Club, here is one girl who's been rescued twice already! Feeling better about things already.

This morning I was stressing at what to wear at a party this afternoon with definite issues swirling around amongst the guests. Jen was able to not only find my best colors with what I currently have (and next is to work on my capsules!) but gave me advice that was so good, I copied it and put it into my file I keep for my exercises in the Signature Club. I think I'll print it off and tape it up in my closet, too.

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Crystal Miller

From the desk of Jen Thoden
July 29, 2017

Do you ever feel frumpy? Unattractive?

Do you ever look in the mirror and just not like what they see?

Have you ever felt guilty when you do something nice for yourself?

I was in a marriage for 16 years where I felt like I was invisible. I didn’t feel like I could do anything for myself. And when I did, I felt guilty because then I wasn't taking care of the house, my husband, my children.

When my oldest daughter was sick with cancer, I dropped all of my self and focused on making sure she was comfortable and that my family was happy. It's enough to wear anyone down. I remember sitting on my couch after I moved out (yes, I got divorced), thinking... now what? Who's going to want to be with me?

I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. I couldn't even remember what I used to love doing.

Can you relate to this? This feeling of emptiness? Of not being good enough?

If only we could be seen the way we want to be seen.

I want to support and coach women to always know what colors and styles look best on you so that YOU can be seen. Because when you wear the RIGHT color that makes you glow... you are SEEN. The moment you are seen you SHINE. The moment you are seen you GROW.

I want to help you grow. To feel amazing. To feel beautiful. To shine. To stand in front of your mirror and smile. You do not need to struggle to figure out your best colors and styles... or how to wear them.


Your Signature Style Program

An Exclusive Program That Walks You Through Step-by-step How To Create Your Personal Style... With Personal and Live Style Coaching!

Your Signature Style program is designed to coach you through your personal transformation... from feeling frumpy and blah... to looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling. Thinking "Yeah. That's ME."

I'm going to guide you through a simple step-by-step easy-to-follow process that is not only going transform your closet... you're going to experience a personal transformation as well. I want you to look and feel beautiful AND THINK beautiful.

Your self confidence is going to soar! Excited? I hope so! Because I'm thrilled to be offering this unique opportunity to you.

Knowing Your Colors Is Just The First Step

Understanding your color type, so that you can start wearing colors that flatter you, is really only the first step in your personal transformation.

Knowing your colors is an AMAZING start... but then what?

What about the rest of you?

What about that person you desire to be but lack the confidence to become that person?

We get to a point where we need help pulling all the information together so that we can start dressing with confidence.

That's what inspired me to create this program. I want to help you take all of that information inside the Color Style Club and help you make it work for you and your personal goals.

Here's What's Included...

Your Signature Style Program Is An Interactive Community Where You Receive Personal and Group Style Coaching

Your Style Statement

Module 1 is all about defining your personal story. It's difficult to learn your unique personal style when you don't really know who you are or who you want to be. Maybe you DO know but have you ever applied it to your wardrobe and colors? As with any project in life... you want to set a goal to achieve. Defining your personal statement is like setting your personal style goals. This program is not just about how you look... it's also about how you feel, how you think and how you define yourself.

Spectrum of Style

Learn how everything around you impacts your personal style, in both positive and negative ways. This is an amazing guide on self reflection and awareness, so that you can start designing your life in a way that serves you. This process is critical to your personal transformation.

Create Your Signature Color Palette

This is where we design your signature color palette... the colors that you will wear most of the time and that will become the foundation to your wardrobe. We'll factor in your style goals so that you'll be creating a color palette that is perfect for your lifestyle and personality. Your signature color palette will consist of 3 to 5 key colors. Yep, that's it. You'll thank me later 😉

And yes, your color palette may change season to season based on the trending colors. You'll receive as much guidance and support as you want to create a signature color palette that's right for you. This is a lot of fun!

Learn how some of your colors could be taking your power away... and how to narrow down your colors to your SIGNATURE color palette.

Personal Body Type Assessment

Confused about your body type and how to use the Body Type course? This is where you can get personal feedback and style advice. Your body is unique and doesn't always fit into one shape. Receive advice on how to dress your body type in the most flattering ways.

Exclusive Access To The Signature Style Facebook Group

The private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to support each other. Post your questions to me and the group. Post photos. Share your success stories. Share your questions. Learn from each other. This is an exclusive community where you receive the bulk of my coaching. This is a very special group of ladies who are all working on their closet, their colors, their personal style and their mindset. It's just awesome and inspiring to be a part of this community.

Personal Review of Your Style Assignments

Oh yes, there will be assignments. No, this isn't for a grade and yes, the assignments are optional. But I highly recommend you do them. The more you put into this program, the more you get out of it. When you submit your assignments, I can give you feedback and guide you on your personal style journey.

Monthly Style Q&A Webinars

Each month, I host a Style Q&A webinar that is exclusive to the Signature Style Members. These webinars are a great opportunity for me to answer questions to help coach the group. The questions can be about your assignments, your colors, your style, your body type, personal development... what's trending... how to style a specific item... you get the idea. PLUS, if we have time, I like to do a little coaching on a specific topic I feel will help you. Many times it will be a personal development topic.

I like how you explain things on your videos, simple and from different angles so the point gets understood. I can hear you honestly want everyone to get as much as they can from your presentations and 'customer care' is very important to you. And you never get tired of explaining something for a thousandth time and answer any questions no matter how small they may seem. 

Terhi Federley

Personal Style Coaching

This is the secret sauce to the Signature Program. This is your opportunity to get style advice and feedback at a HUGE discount. You can receive style coaching in the following ways:

  • Post your photos to the private Signature Facebook group and ask for feedback on the colors you chose, the clothes you're wearing, your makeup, hair or how to dress your body type.
  • Post your assignments in the Facebook group for personal feedback and guidance.
  • Post your request for help in the Facebook group with defining your signature color palette.
  • Post questions to be answered in the monthly Q&A. These are usually questions that require more time to respond and are great for the webinars.

Yes, the style coaching happens in the Facebook group and in the Style Q&A webinars. It's the best way to offer you personal assistance without charging you a full image consultant fee.

I find the way you teach, and present your ideas to be very relaxing and fun and then suddenly I realize you have just given me this brilliant new idea! I enjoy everything you are doing and at the same time, I feel like I am in control for the first time in my life of putting together outfits I love and I know that work! I have grown so much since I signed up! Thank you!

Vicki Koger

When You Join Today, You Also Get...

Access To The Color Style Club

The Color Style Club is included in your Signature Program membership. This is where you'll access my entire library of mini-courses, style guides, digital color palettes, color wheel tool and body type course. Plus new style guides in your color type each month. If you're already a member of the Color Style Club, then when you sign up for the Signature Program, your current Style Club subscription will be cancelled.

$50 Off A Professional Online Color Analysis

Discovering your best colors is my #1 priority. If you still can’t figure out your color type after using the online color analysis tools, simply sign up for a professional online color analysis! Yes! That means I will give you a complete online color analysis with images and tell you your color type based on the Your Color Style™ system. You do NOT need to guess.

$10 Off Your Color Fan

This discount is exclusive to Color Style Club Members. Order your color fan and shop with confidence.

Join Your Signature Style Program Only $57/month

NOTE: You’ll automatically renew at the charter member price of $57 per month for each month you’re an active Signature Program member (email to cancel at any time). If you are currently a Color Style Club member, the Signature Program will replace your Style Club membership.

I definitely have less trouble quickly putting outfits on in the morning since I have begun to absorb some of Jen's training. This is definitely what I was looking for, so thank you, Jennifer Thoden!!!

Cedar Boschan
Cedar Boschan

Here is what I noticed that was very important to me and I really appreciate people like Jen: she constantly works on providing us with new tools and exciting, fun videos; her customer service is excellent, she is literally always there to answer emails, she had been assisting me long before I became a member of her club.
I love Jen for her generosity, dedication to her work and her customers, a very friendly and reliable person.

Jana Sedlak
Jana Sedlak

Jen's Story

Hi! I'm Jen Thoden.

A few years ago, I was sitting in my living room... alone... I was recently separated... and I realized that I had no idea who I was. The previous 16 years of my life had chipped away at me... I raised 3 children, lost my oldest daughter to cancer, suffered an unhappy marriage and now divorced... there wasn't much left. What did I actually like doing? What brings me joy? What in the world am I doing with my life? I was just a shell.

Let me tell you, I am not one to sit around feeling sorry for myself for long and decided that I was going to take steps to figuring out what DID bring me joy. It was time to define a new me. A better version of myself. The first thing I did was research colors because I figured... finding what colors look good on me is a perfect first step to helping me boost my confidence.

I discovered seasonal color analysis, self-analyzed myself as a light spring and wore... for the first time... a coral pink top. I got so many complements that day. I was blown away. Not only did my self confidence soar that but I realized that finding the right colors is no small deal. Wearing your best colors is such a simple and easy way to make a HUGE impact on your self image. To take back your power in small bits.

I am now dedicated to helping women, in any stage of their life, discover their best colors and to help them style themselves in ways that make them feel amazing. Because when you look good, you feel good and that positive energy can flow into all areas of your life.

I hope the information you find here, will help you transform from feeling frumpy and blah to feeling stylish and true to yourself. I want to help you feel fabulous. Confident. Take back your power in small ways... why not continue your personal style journey with Your Signature Program?

Jen Thoden
Founder of the proprietary online color system, Your Color Style™