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Signature Style Program

"Learn How To Create An Easy, Grab-and-Go Wardrobe That Is Completely YOU... So That You Look Pulled Together Everyday and Look As Young As You Feel!"


I Had Tons of Clothes and NOTHING To Wear!

Hi! I'm Jen Thoden, founder of the Your Color Style™ system and creator of the Color Style Club.

I was fed up. I opened my closet one day and just stared at it. It was jammed with clothes. Shirts smashed together on hangers... empty hangers poking out... shoes scattered on the floor... stacks of jeans (what was at the bottom of that pile?).

Worse, not only was I sick of sifting through too many clothes to find something to wear... I was sick of my clothes. I didn't recognize these clothes anymore. None of them felt like a reflection of me. I was completely uninspired.

On close inspection, most of the items were in my color palette... I mean, I AM a color style coach... but I had a whole lot of stuff that I didn't wear anymore. I had clothes from 3 years ago, that dress you keep just in case, shoes that kill my feet, jeans that were too tight (but what if I lose those 10 pounds?)... and the list goes on.

Can you relate?

Our problem isn't that we don't have anything to wear, it's that we have too many things that get in the way of what you really want to wear... and who you truly want to become.

It's impossible to pull stylish outfits together when you have no idea what you really have.

It's impossible to evolve into the person we want to be when there is no room to grow.

Looking into that mess of a closet, I was pretty sure there were clothes that I had bought but never wore... I mean, where's that periwinkle blouse I bought a couple of weeks ago?

It's time to make a change.

Imagine looking in your closet and knowing exactly where everything is.

Imagine shopping and knowing exactly what you have at home. No more buying a top only to discover you had a similar top already at home.

Imagine being able to create dozens of stylish outfits with LESS clothes.

Imagine looking pulled together and stylish every single day... and it was EASY.

Imagine how good you feel about yourself and all the complements you will receive.

I invite you to join me on my journey as we transform your overstuffed and uninspired wardrobe into an efficient, easy, stylish, grab-and-go wardrobe that is completely YOU... with LESS.


Jen Thoden
Founder of the proprietary online color system, Your Color Style™


An Exclusive 5-Module Program That Walks You Through Step-by-step How To Create Your Personal Style and An Efficient, Smart and Stylish Wardrobe... With Live Style Coaching!

Your Signature Color Style program is designed to coach you through your personal transformation... from feeling frumpy and blah... to looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling. Thinking "Yeah. That's ME." I'm going to guide you through a simple step-by-step easy-to-follow process that is not only going transform your closet... you're going to experience a personal transformation as well. I want you to look and feel beautiful AND THINK beautiful.

Your self confidence is going to soar!

Excited? I hope so! Because I'm thrilled to be offering this unique opportunity to you. Just wait until you see what's included!

Module 1 is all about defining your personal story. It's difficult to learn your unique personal style when you don't really know who you are or who you want to be. Maybe you DO know but have you ever applied it to your wardrobe and colors?

As with any project in life... you want to set a goal to achieve. Defining your personal statement is like setting your personal style goals.

This program is not just about how you look... it's also about how you feel, how you think and how you define yourself.

Module 1

Your Style Statement

  • Define who you are and who you want to become. This process is eye opening and personally transformational.
  • Define your style goals based on your personal statement. You can't create an amazing wardrobe when you don't know the results you want from it.
  • Share your assignments in our PRIVATE Facebook Group to receive feedback and support.
Module 2

Spectrum of Style

Learn how everything around you impacts your personal style, in both positive and negative ways. This is an amazing guide on self reflection and awareness, so that you can start designing your life in a way that serves you. This process is critical to your personal transformation.

Module 3

Create Your Foundation

  • Discover how to create a minimalistic wardrobe with just your neutrals.
  • Learn the magic formula that will have you creating dozens of stylish outfits from very little.
  • You'll create a wardrobe that is easy and effortless. This module is truly life changing.
Module 4

Creating Your Signature Color Palette

This is where we design your signature color palette... the colors that you will wear most of the time and that will become the foundation to your wardrobe. We'll factor in your style goals so that you'll be creating a color palette that is perfect for your lifestyle and personality. Your signature color palette will consist of 3 to 5 key colors. Yep, that's it. You'll thank me later 😉

Module 5

Creating Your Wardrobe

The first 4 modules set you up beautifully for this module. This is where we start super small and build a wardrobe that is completely YOU. We're going to start with your foundation a few small pieces and through a step by step process, we're going to build your collection of clothes and accessories that are in your BEST colors and that mix and match in dozens of ways. When we're done, there will not be one item in your closet that doesn't go with something else. You will FINALLY always have something to wear. And you will LOVE what you are wearing.


Personal Review of Your Style Assignments

Oh yes, there will be assignments. No, this isn't for a grade and yes, the assignments are optional. But I highly recommend you do them. The more you put into this program, the more you get out of it. When you submit your assignments, I can give you feedback and guide you on your personal style journey.

Bonus 1

How To Create A Travel Wardrobe Capsule

Discover how to create a SMALL stylish, mix-and-match capsule that you can create dozens of outfits... and it all fits easily into your suitcase. Less really is MORE. This is a $27 value.

Bonus 2

Access To The Private Signature Style Facebook Group

The private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to support each other. Post your questions to me and the group. Post photos. Share your successes. Share your questions. Learn from each other. I can't wait to see how this community grows.

Color Fans
Bonus 3

$20 Off Your Color Fan

This discount is exclusive to Signature Style Program Members. This is HUGE! Order your color fan and shop with confidence.

You Get It ALL – For $297

For a one-time fee of $297 You Get Instant Access To
The Signature Style Program

This Is An Investment In YOU

This is truly an investment in yourself. Keep in mind that a professional closet makeover and personal shopping day would cost you easily $800 or more. And even then, you wouldn't have learned the skills to continue working on your wardrobe.

My goal is to empower you to learn some powerful skills that you can use and practice going forward. You can do this!

Click on the button below to get started...
**If you already have a username and password to the Color Style Club, please login first. Otherwise, the site gets confused.**

See you on the inside!

Jen Thoden
Founder of Your Color Style™, YourColorStyle.com and ColorStyleClub.com


Q. What's the difference between this program and the Style Club?

A. The Style Club is a monthly membership which gives you access to a suite of DIY Online Color Analysis tools and mini-courses... plus new style guides and courses each month. It also gives you access to your color palettes and color wheel. If you're not a member, you should join. It's really difficult to be successful with this program without your colors on hand.

The Signature Style program is an exclusive program where you will receive step-by-step instruction on how to apply what you're learning to actually building a wardrobe that is perfectly you.

Q. What if I decide I want the online color analysis after I've signed up for the Signature Style Program?

A. You can signup at anytime to get an Online Color Analysis.

Q. Is this a subscription?

A. No. Your fee of $297 will give you access to the Signature Style Program... along with any additional modules that I may add.

Q. What if I want to receive new style guides and courses monthly? 

A. Please sign up for Color Style Club to receive monthly style guides and mini-courses.

Q. Is my purchase secure?

A. Yes. My credit card processor is Paypal which is a secure environment.

Q. How long will I have access to this content?

A. You will have unlimited access to the videos, downloads,  and Facebook Group.

Q. Why is the fee $297?

A. The original fee was over $1000, but I wanted this program to be affordable and attainable. So, I made it mostly DIY. I think you'll discover, this program is PACKED with value that is worth way more than $297

Q. Is a professional color analysis included?

A. No. A professional online color analysis is not included. It is important that you feel confident in your colors and know your color type. If you don't know your color type, I highly recommend you sign up for a professional online color analysis before joining this program.

Q. I have more questions.

A. Please send all questions to support@colorstyleclub.zendesk.com