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The Online Color Analysis Professional Course

"Become A Professional Online Color Analyst,
Start Your Own Online Business and
Help Clients All Over The World!"

Hi Jen,

I just wanted you to know that your training video was SO good yesterday! You did a great job and made it interesting and fun! I'll be working on my homework this weekend, hoping to submit it before the next training. But I didn't want to wait until then to tell you that I'm so glad that I signed up for this course and I really appreciate all the work that you have put into it.

Thanks again, Andrea Farestveit

From the Desk of Jen Thoden , January 21, 2016

There is something very special about having a business that can serve people from anywhere in the world.

As an online color analyst, I have clients in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, United States, South Africa, France and Italy.

This is truly an amazing experience.
And now it's your turn!

Using the Your Color Style™ System

A Video-Based Online Course That Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Do Color Analysis Online Using My Proprietary Color System... Your Color Style™... You Could Be Doing Online Color Analysis 2 Weeks From Now!
Module 1: A Brief History of the Color Systems

In this module, we will go over the history of color and color analysis. This is a great place to start to understand the Your Color Style™ system.

Module 2: Color Theory

We start with the basics. Once you've mastered these concepts, color analysis becomes so much easier. You'll be able to easily recommend colors to your clients without always needing a color fan in front of you.

  • Learn basic color theory
  • Discover how color theory applies directly to a person's natural coloring and tone
  • Develop an eye for different types of color
  • Unlimited access to the video training
  • Downloadable PDF of the slide presentation
Module 3: The Color Wheel

Understand how the Your Color Style™ color wheels are created and how you will use them in your professional color analysis. This is the key ingredient to standing out against your competition.

  • Learn how to read the different color wheels
  • Discover the similarities and differences between the color wheels
  • Unlimited access to the video training
  • Downloadable PDF of the slide presentation
Module 4: How To Do A Your Color Style™ Color Analysis

Discover a proven step-by-step process to analyzing anyone's color type. Once you master this process, you will be unstoppable!

  • Yes! This process is easy and I'll be referring to this method throughout the rest of this course. So, you'll get lots of practice and examples.
  • Unlimited access to the video training
  • Downloadable PDF of the slide presentation
Module 5: How To Take A *Good* Selfie

You will be asking your clients to send you photos. It's important that you know how to instruct them, so that you receive photos you can work with. Otherwise, you'll receive photos in poor lighting, weird angles and it can waste a lot of time.

You'll be using your photo for your homework!

Module 6: Preparing The Photo

Once you've received your photos... you'll need to select one that you will use for the virtual draping.

  • Learn how to determine the best photo for your virtual draping and analysis
  • Learn how to use graphic software tools to remove the background of the photo
  • Discover how to color balance the photo so that your analysis is as accurate as possible
Module 7: Virtual Draping

Now, the virtual draping process begins. We will be using Adobe Photoshop and the online color wheel tools for this process.

  • Learn how to create a photoshop template that you can use over and over again... I give you the templates but it's always helpful to understand how to create them.
  • Discover the exact steps I take for every single client to produce an accurate and professional color analysis.
  • Unlimited access to the online color wheel tools. This is where you can upload your client's photo and have their faces automatically seen in the different color wheels. This is a very fast way to start analyzing your client
  • The photoshop template files I use every single day. This will save you HOURS of time.
Module 8: Combining Color For Different Impact

Once you've analyzed a person in their color type, you'll want to help them learn how to wear their colors to suit their lifestyle and personality.

  • Discover how to use the digital color wheels to create amazing color combinations
  • Learn how to combine colors in different ways to convey power, elegance, sophistication and more
  • This is the module that will take you from analyst to color expert. Imagine being able to advise your client on how to wear their colors. They will love you for it.
Personal Reviews of Your Homework

*GASP* Did I say "homework"?!!

Ok, so... take a deep breath. There will be homework assignments with each module. These are designed to help you master the content of that module. You don't have to do them, but I highly recommend that you do.

  • I will personally review your homework submissions and provide you personal feedback on each one. This way, you learn by putting the concepts into practice.
  • For certification, there will be a final portfolio submission and review. This IS required if you want to offer professional online color analysis.
4 Color Kits Shipped To You

Your fee includes 4 color fans and color wheels shipped to you worldwide. You will receive 1 for each color type. Bright and Warm, Bright and Cool, Soft and Warm and Soft and Cool.

Income Stream Opportunities

As a licensed Your Color Style analyst, you will have several opportunities to increase your income.

  • 25% to 50% Trade Discount on the color fans
  • Become an affiliate and earn commissions on color fan sales you refer
  • Earn 50% commission on style club referrals
1 Year Access To The Style Club

You will have access to the Color Style Club where you will have access to style guides and mini-courses. You'll also have access to the interactive color guide to help you with choosing colors for your clients.

Work With Me!

Once you've submitted your final project, you will be considered for a spot on my stylist team! What better way to gain experience AND earn an income!

Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Starting your own business is a big deal and I want to make sure you have the support you need as you start gaining clients. You are not alone!

  • I will be offering regular live webinars for additional training. These will be recorded and available to you in your members area.
  • If you need a second opinion on a client, send me your images and your initial analysis and I will be happy to give you my opinion. This is huge.
1-Year License

Your investment allows you to professionally practice the Your Color Style methodology for one year. You may renew your license each year to continue your business and access to training, mentoring and tools.

You Get It ALL – 1 Year Access – For Just $597

That’s right…

Your investment today is $597.

The truth is, I love this stuff. I am absolutely passionate about color and helping women (and men) discover their natural beauty. There's nothing more fulfilling than watching a client transform right before my eyes when they see how wearing the RIGHT colors makes them glow. I love watching their confidence grow as they get complements. Hey, it feels good to look good... and it's such a simple way to build confidence.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as I can. So, if you're as passionate about self transformation as I am... you've always wanted your own online business... and you love the idea of helping other people discover their perfect colors, then this is a no brainer. Sign up today!

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Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you make your decision...

What else do I need to know?

The fee of $597 is an annual fee. It is your licensing fee to practice the Your Color Style methodology, along with mentoring and access to online tools. Your license will expire after 1 year from sign up unless the annual license fee is paid.

Is There A Final Exam?

There will be a final project that will reflect all of the training you will receive in the modules. Once your submission has been reviewed with no adjustments, you will earn your certification!

How Long Will It Take To Complete This Course?

This course can take as little as 2 weeks to complete. However, you will have your full year to complete the course.

What Is The Format of The Training?

The modules will be video and downloadable PDFs.  They are available online within a secure area of the site. You will need your username and password to access the course.

When Can I Start Color Analyzing Clients Online?

As soon as your final project is approved. The registration fee is a license to practice using the Your Color Style™ methodology and tools for one full year. You must complete the course to be considered certified to professionally offer online color analysis with the Your Color Style™ brand.

Will I Be A Certified Online Color Analyst After Taking This Course?

Yes. More specifically, you will be a Certified Your Color Style™ Color Analyst.

What Tools Do I Need To Take This Course?

You will need to invest in Adobe Photoshop. This is what I will be teaching. It is up to you if you choose to use a different software but I won't be able to support you in the technical skills.

Do I need to know how to use Adobe Photoshop?

No. I will teach you how to use the tools required to do a professional online color analysis using Adobe Photoshop. You can do this!

When can I start?

Right now!

See you on the inside,

Jen Thoden

Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me at support@yourcolorstyle.zendesk.com