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Module 1: Your Style Goals

In this module, you're going to define the goals, style and mood of your wardrobe. You wouldn't redecorate your bedroom without a plan, right? You would do some research on ideas... colors... style... etc. You'll do the same for your wardrobe. This is a really important lesson because it sets the stage for the rest of the course. We're going to dig deep and help you define what you REALLY want... and who you truly want to be.

MODULE 2: Your Body Type

In this module, you're going to discover your body shape. How many times have you purchased an item, only to discover that it just doesn't flatter you? And you really don't know why! This may be because it's the wrong fit for your body shape. Once you learn your body shape, we dive deep into what types of clothes slim and enhance your beautiful shape. Plus, we discuss vertical proportions and the golden ratio. This module will change how you shop and dress forever!

MODULE 3: Bright vs Soft

In this module, you'll begin to understand the core concept of the Your Color Style™ system. We're going to dip our toes into some color theory in this module. Understanding the Bright vs. Soft concepts will make the rest of your color analysis process super easy.

MODULE 4: Intensity, Contrast and Patterns

In this module, you'll learn your level of intensity. Your level of intensity drives what types of colors look best on you and how to wear them. It also drives the types of patterns you can wear best. Not everyone looks best in black and white geometric patterns. Discover what will look best on you.

MODULE 5: Your Undertones

This is part 2 of discovering your best color type and color palette. You'll first learn your level of intensity and contrast in Module 3. In this module, you'll discover your undertones and how this affects the colors you should avoid. You'll finally know what colors will make you shine!

MODULE 6: Your Personal Color Palette

In this module, you're going to design your personal color palette. This is a small set of 5 colors that you work together and that you personally love. This is the color palette you will refer to throughout the season when you shop. At first, you may find this exercise limiting, but once you realize there's a method behind the madness... you're going to LOVE working within your color palette.

MODULE 7: Your Foundation

In this module, we're going to work on building your foundation. Your wardrobe foundation will be a collection of clothing that work together easily and will allow you to mix in colors and different items easily. You could stop at this lesson and just enjoy wearing your foundation... but I know you'll want to keep going!

MODULE 8: Your Core Values

In this module, we're going to take some time to understand ourselves. We're going to be defining our core values. Once you have an idea of your core values, shopping, getting dressed and editing your wardrobe will become effortless. In fact, once you learn how your core values influence how you operate... you'll want to apply this lesson to all aspects of your life!

MODULE 9: How To Put Together A Stylish Outfit

In this module, I'm going to show you some formulas you can use to pull together amazing outfits whenever you want. You'll begin to transform your style into a true reflection of YOU... not how you think you should look.

MODULE 10: Your Hairstyle and Color

Your hair is front and center and can be the difference between frumpy and looking fresh. You'll discover the best hairstyles and length for your face shape. You'll also learn what hair colors are best for your level of intensity and undertones. Yes! We even talk about grey hair.

MODULE 11: Pulling It All Together

By the time you get to this lesson, you will have completely edited your wardrobe, designed what you want your wardrobe to become and learned how to shop and dress with purpose. This lesson will pull all of the key points together, so that you will have a master plan for creating a wardrobe that is easy... efficient... stylish... and completely YOU.

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How many thousands of dollars have you wasted on clothes that just don't look or feel right? How many hours have you spent staring at your closet in frustration? How many times have you left the house feeling blah because you hand nothing to wear? How many times have you found an item buried among all of your clothes that still have the tags on them!? It's time to transform your wardrobe and style that you will LOVE and feel amazing in .

The Online Course "Transform Your Wardrobe and Style"

  • 11 easy modules packed with videos, e-books and inspiration to help you discover your signature style
  • Step-by-step system to create your personal color palette for the season
  • How to create a mix-and-match wardrobe that you'll fall in love with
  • and much more...

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Meet Your Instructor

Jen Thoden,

Jen Thoden is the founder and CEO of

Jen Thoden is an image consultant, color style coach, entrepreneur, runner & mother-of-the-year (not). Her expertise in color and style has been featured in, She Knows and Thrive Global.

Her mission is to help women reinvent themselves with color. She is the founder of Your Color Style™, a proprietary online color system that makes it easy for women to discover their best colors and to learn how to style themselves in ways that say "I am worth knowing!".