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SATURDAY: The Week's Challenge Is Posted

Each Saturday, a new style challenge will be emailed to you. Your goal is to apply the challenge to every day of the week. This is when the challenge becomes a REAL challenge. The first day or two will be easy. Maybe even obvious. But how will you change things up and apply the challenge differently on days 3, 4 and 5? This is when you begin to stretch yourself... this is when you begin to grow and try something new.

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Take photos of your style challenge and post them on social media. Everyday, I will select a photo and share it on the Your Color Style Instagram feed! The weekly style challenge is designed to be supportive, interactive, social and FUN!

HOW TO SHARE: Posting 101

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@yourcolorstyle #weeklystylechallenge #stylechallenge-name

The hashtag #stylechallenge-name will change from challenge to challenge. I will give you your hashtag to use in the weekly emails.


Have fun with this. Stretch yourself. Get uncomfortable. Learn something new about yourself. Try a challenge even if you're convinced you won't like it. Every time you step out of your comfort zone you are changing yourself for the better. Your transformation begins today!

Meet Your Host

Jen Thoden,

Jen Thoden is the founder and CEO of

Jen Thoden is a color style coach, entrepreneur, runner & mother-of-the-year (not). Her expertise in color and style has been featured in, She Knows and Thrive Global.

Her mission is to help women (re)discover their unique self and inspire them to take back their power in fun and creative ways. She is the founder of Your Color Style™, a proprietary online color system that makes it easy for women to discover their best colors and to learn how to style themselves in ways that say "I am worth knowing!".

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